Welcome to my blog.I’ll be blogging about Baseball in Poland,and ballhawking in Poland.
My name is Kacper,I’ma die-hard baseball fan(I think I am 🙂 ).My real journey with baseball started… This march.The first game I saw was,Game 5 of the World Series.Then I became a real baseball fan mainly because NFL was out.But after 5 games,Baseball was my main sport.I’m 15 by the way,so I won’t be able to come to all the games.
In Poland we have 3 leagues:
-First League
-Second League
Team with the worst record is going lower (From Extra to First,From First to Second).Team with the best record is advancing(From second to First,from First to Second).Season is 12 games long(comparing it to the MLB…).Now the season has ended,and it is time for the play-offs.Yesterday,the first game of World(Polish) series was played.About the game later.
So,I called myself “Best Polish Ballhawker”.I think it’s the truth,because I’m almost sure,that I’m the only ballhawker in Poland 🙂
Ballhawking is very hard here,getting the ball is almost impossible.But if you get to snag a ball,you will meet a person from a team,asking you to give the baseball back.Snagging a Homerun is even harder than snagging a normal ball.The current HR leader in Poland is a guy who hit 2 HR in the season.Wow,this is something…
I think it’s all.
Ballhawkers in USA,be careful.I’m coming in 2011(holiday).I’m planning to visit at least 15 stadiums.
I’m going to post a new entry about my first game.

12-09-2009 Piaseczno My First Game

On Friday I got my first bat,so my parents decided that they are going to give my a glove that I would normally get on Christmas.My parents are great.
The game started at 12 p.m. Teams? Grasshoppers Warsaw against Warsaw Porks.Funny names.I sat in the first row with a friend,sister and my father.I’m going to post some pictures,so you will be able to see me,I’m the one in the Giants cap.The whole attendance? 15 people.
So the game was going on,and I was waiting for a ball to snag.In bottom of 4th inning a ball was hit by Sebastian Bialek(Grasshoppers catcher) and it landed foul,somewhere in the trees.The next pitch,another foul,but now it landed in a building zone,where a Porks player had to get to bring back the ball.So after some foul balls,Bialek hit a slow roller to the first.Defender wasn’t able to catch the ball and it rolled all the way to the right field wall.It was a double,that gave Grasshoppers a 2-0 lead.But then weird thing happened and Porks grabbed a 8-2 lead.We had to leave the game in the bottom of 5th(Game was 7 innings long).On the way out,I was looking for a ball,and I found one.It was that foul ball.I was so happy…Nobody saw me snagging my first ball ever,so I was able to bring home that ball.Porks won the game 10-8.No Home-Runs.Only 15 errors commited by both teams.Later that day,I met with my friends,and we played “baseball”.We stopped when my friend got hit by a line drive right in the knee(You can see that friend in the picture,in the stands.).